Building and History

With humble beginnings, St. Paul Lutheran Church began its mission in Pipestone in the year 1892. Nine charter members and a young pastor by the name of H.C. Brinkman held service in the Simonson building located in downtown Pipestone.

One can imagine the hopes and dreams these individuals brought together as they began this journey. These hopes and dreams strongly founded in the Word of our Lord.

By 1900 the church had out grown its humble dwellings. With a loan of $600 from his father, Pastor Siegert purchased lots on West Main Street to be used for the construction of a church and parsonage. Our first church was dedicated on October 14, 1900.

In 1915 a new wing was built in the northwest corner of the church. This was necessary to accommodate the overflow of the congregation on Sunday mornings. A new pump organ was purchased by the choir in 1916. And just one year later a remodeling project was introduced. The congregation added 18 feet onto the north end of the church, put a basement under the entire structure and installed a new pulpit and altar.

In 1927 a building and finance committee was organized for the purpose of building a new church. After three years of planning and construction, a new church was constructed and dedicated in December of 1930. This church is the one we still hold worship in today.

Over the next 25 years moderate improvements were made to the church. These improvements were mostly to do with enhancing the worship experience, but also included upgrades to systems and the building structure.

The next big test for our congregation began in 1958 when the church recognized the need to expand facilities of the church. In 1961, just three years later, the educational facility was dedicated.

This 1961 expansion marked our last great endeavor until 2007. Beginning in 2006 St. Paul Lutheran embarked on a mission to offer better facilities to our congregation and visitors. We constructed a new entry and a fellowship area, installed an elevator, and made numerous upgrades to older areas of the Church and educational facility. We also installed a PowerPoint projector in 2012 so that our worship hour is more visitor friendly and easier to follow for those holding young children in their arms.

Our Church now is a great compliment of modern fellowship and educational areas supporting a traditional 1930 sanctuary.